Faculty of Social Science and Political Science

Universitas Sumatera Utara

To become an international standard university with local excellence in social science and political science that can compete globally by 2024.

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Undergraduate Program

The Undergraduate Program (S-1) is a formal education in the academic pathway that prepares students to become graduates armed with intellectual abilities with a load of semester credit units following the provisions of the applicable legislation. USU's FISIP has seven undergraduate study programs: the Sociology Study Program, Social Welfare, Public Administration Science, Communication Science, Social Anthropology, Political Science, and Business Administration Science.

Master Program

The Master Program (S-2) is a program that is directed at mastering specific knowledge to obtain a master's degree. USU's FISIP has five master's study programs, namely Masters in Development Studies, Communication Studies, Sociology, Political Science and Public Administration.

Doctoral Program

The Doctoral Program (S-3) is an educational program aimed at obtaining an academic degree of the highest academic. USU's FISIP has two doctoral study programs, namely the Doctor of Development Studies and the Doctor of Communication Studies.


In general, social science and political science are sciences that discuss social relations. What are the procedures for dealing with the broader community and studying social aspects in the lives of fellow living beings? Applying social and political science that we learn can help us interact and be sensitive to the surrounding social environment. Then why choose USU's FISIP?


Quality of Human Resources and Study Programs

Quality of Human Resources and Study Programs

More than 99 lecturers teach at USU's FISIP, and more than 85% have been certified.

Facilities and infrastructure

Facilities and infrastructure

To improve the quality of learning at USU's FISIP, several facilities, such as student halls, sports fields, reading rooms, court/meeting rooms, teleconference rooms, prayer rooms and others, continue to be built.

Quality of Students and Graduates

Quality of Students and Graduates

USU FISIP students actively participate in various activities and championships at both national and international levels.


Agenda dan pengumuman

Agenda Kegiatan dan Pengumuman Di Lingkungan Fakultas Ilmui Sosial dan Ilmu Politik

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